The Renal System

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Date Completed 
January 2018
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Prof. Dave Mazierski
Project Details: This illustration was created for a gross anatomy course in the Biomedical Communications program. 
Print (textbook)
Design Solution: Creating an illustration depicting the anterior view of the renal system using illustrator and photoshop.  
Knowledge Gap: How can the anatomical structures of the renal system be best depicted in light and shadow using digital media?

Problem Solving 

Sketch and Digital Media 


After the composition sketch was completed, it was uploaded into illustrator. The individual anatomical structures were colour-blocked and separated onto different layers. The image was then brought into photoshop and tonal values were added.


Design Process

Frequent communication with prof. Mazierski took place throughout the entire process of this illustration. Feedback and constructive critique were used to emphasize the anatomy by the strategic use of light and shadow.

The greatest challenge was achieving the different textures and lighting effects in photoshop. To overcome this challenge, the author experimented with various brushes, researched photoshop rendering techniques, and invested in a Wacom Tablet.


This illustration was drawn by studying a cadaveric specimen in Grant's Museum at the University of Toronto. Careful attention was paid to accuracy, proportion and tonal values. Anatomy atlases were used as further references.

Comp Sketch.png